How to use “used to”, “be used to” and “get used to” in English?

These structures are similar but the meaning is different.

We use them to speak about your past, current or developing habits.

Used to + infinitive

We use used to+infinitive to talk about your past habits. A past situation that is no longer true. If you used to do something in the past, you did it for some time, but you don´t do it any more.

For example: My parents and I used to go skiing every winter when I was a kid.  

We use used to+infinitive to describe a state in the past which does not exist in the present.

Stative verbs such as own, believe, know, understand, remember, hear, satisfy, love, hate, prefer, etc can be used with used to. However, would+infinitive, which is also used to talk about past habits, cannot be followed by stative verbs. 

For example: Jane used to like dark chocolate.

There used to be a bakery.

He would spend a lot of money on video games.

Be used to + noun/gerund

We use be used to+noun/gerund to talk about your current habits. If you are used to doing something, you know well how to do it. It is not new or difficult for you.

For example: She is used to getting up early.

They were so tired besause they were not used to walking much.

Get used to + noun/gerund

We use get used to+noun/gerund to talk about a new habit.  If you get used to something/doing something, you learn how to do it, become familiar with it. 

For example: I am getting used to driving on the left side of the road. It´s not easy!