FCE Paper 4: Speaking



The Speaking test consists of four parts and lasts 14 minutes. When three candidates are tested together, the timing will be longer: 20 minutes instead of 14. Each part of the test focuses on different types of interaction: between the interlocutor and a candidate, the two candidates, and among all three.

Part 1

Part 1 tests your ability to talk about everyday topics such as your family, work, free time, future plans and basic information about yourself.

Use the grammar of the question in your answer


1) I: Do you enjoy cooking?    2) I: Do you enjoy cooking?

C: Yes, I enjoy to cook.          C: Yes, I enjoy cooking.


How much should you say?

It’s okay to give short answers here, but don’t just reply YES or NO to the questions. Your answer shouldn’t be shorter than the question! However, don´t try to give a speech or repeat sentences that you prepared earlier.


Interlocutor: Where are you from?

Candidate: I come from Germany and my town is called Olching. It is in the northwest of Munich.

Interlocutor: Thank you.  And what sort of things do you do in your free time?

Candidate: I like spending time with my friends. We sometimes ride the bicycle, go for a run or walk, play board games.

Part 2

In Part 2 each candidate is given a one-minute «long turn». Nobody will interrupt you.

This part tests your ability to compare, describe and give your opinion.

In this part you also answer the question about your partner´s pictures, after their minute has finished. You talk for 30 seconds!


The two photos show people shopping, but in different ways. In the first picture, the woman is holding a credit card and is doing something on her laptop. I imagine she’s just bought something online, or is in the process of entering her card details. She looks quite pleased, so she must be happy with what she´s decided to buy. The second photo shows two women in a department store. They look like friends or sisters. Maybe they’re buying some new clothes. They look as if they are talking about the dress or shirt they are looking at. I think they like it, because they’re both smiling. In my opinion, people shop online because it’s convenient – you don’t have to leave the house, so you save time. You can also compare prices and avoid crowds. However, if you go to a shop,  you can try things on and decide whether to buy them or not. You have to make more effort and spend time, but at least you save yourself some trouble if the product isn’t right.

Why do people like shopping in these different places_