Test de nivel - Inglés E.S.O. y Bachillerato

  • La duración del test es de aproximadamente 30 minutos.
  • Se compone de un total de 90 cuestiones de dificultad creciente.
  • Al finalizar el test podrás ver tu puntuación* al momento y el nivel que te recomendamos para tu próximo curso.

* Para poder ver tu puntuación se ha de contestar a todas las cuestiones (aunque no sepas la respuesta)

1) is the chemist?

2) Why you going home?

3) you think English is easy?

4) do you come from?

5) you like a cup of coffee?

6) I been to Ireland yet.

7) I play the piano and the violin.

8) Tom doesn't know wrote the letter.

9) you eaten your dinner?

10) do you go to work? On foot.

11) I bought this car three weeks .

12) How do you think you'll study here for?

13) How many exercises you done so far?

14) I like pizza very .

15) Does David live with you? No, he .

16) Tommy is intelligent than his brother.

17) Liverpool are a football team than Manchester United.

18) Have you to Thailand?

19) I studied three years at Trinity University.

20) I realised she was your sister, sorry!

21) How do you weigh?

22) Don't talk to me. It been a very hard day.

23) your homework!

24) you like to go to the seaside this weekend?

25) "I'm exausted!"" am I."

26) I can't play football now, but I when I was younger.

27) If you could meet anyone, who you choose?

28) If you are late again, I'm sure you be dismissed.

29) Jennifer has working very late at the office recently.

30) If I known the answer I would've got a better mark in the exam.

31) Paper made from wood.

32) You must me to buy Anne a present, or I'll forget.

33) "I often go to Hastings." "Really? So I."

34) The gold necklace was expensive for me to buy, so I bought the silver one.

35) I want to know what happened, so please me the truth.

36) Sarah lives the eleventh floor of a block of flats.

37) "When you move to Santander?" "Last year."

38) If you go abroad, you carry your passport with you.

39) What is your friend ?

40) Bill Gates is the man in the world.

41) Jennie to pass her exams to get into university.

42) Jim really go to the dentist about his teeth, but he won't.

43) If you wait for a moment, drive you to work.

44) Can you switch the light? It's getting dark.

45) Where that man I met yersterday from?

46) Anthony isn´t as tall his sister.

47) What time you leave the night club last night.

48) This is a difficult exercise, so your time doing it.

49) I'm to take a skiing holiday in Switzeerland this winter.

50) I talk to him right now, if I were you.

51) Would you if I opened the door?

52) Jill had her baby yet?

53) I went to the city centre yesterday and bought lots of nice things!

54) There isn't wine left. Someone drank the last bottle.

55) Don't call me before 10:00 pm, as I'll be a rugby match on TV.

56) If I realised you were tired, I'd have slowed down.

57) Do you if I smoke?

58) "What's this key ?""It's the key to the garage."

59) If Jane hadn´t been late, she have missed the exam.

60) After no-one bought tickets to the party, we had to call it .

61) It's no use .He never listens anyway.

62) If I cook dinner, will you wash ?

63) She's a model now, but when she was young she to be very plain.

64) James walked to work, as he recently sold his car.

65) Martha felt ill after she ate the seafood and so Carl.

66) I wish I find those old photos from school to show you.

67) I don't know where Bill is. He have been here by this time.

68) The aeroplane invented by the Wright brothers.

69) I'm neither more intelligent less intelligent than my sister.

70) Can I have a return ticket to Bristol? Do you have for a $50 note?

71) John calls soon, I'm going to call him.

72) Here. Give me a with this ladder, would you? It's a bit heavy.

73) "Would you like a glass of wine?""I'd have beer if you have some."

74) It's time we , John.

75) Andrea would rather eat those vegetables.

76) A trolley is a thing in supermarkets for keeping the things you buy .

77) It costs much to fly than it used to, because of all the low cost airlines around .

78) If you eaten so much when you were young, you wouldn't be fat.

79) I'll never forget a bicycle for the first time.

80) the time you read this, I'll be flying to Rio de Janeiro.

81) I'd rather you smoke in here, if you don't mind.

82) If you don't study harder, you the risk of failing the exam.

83) Jerry better hurry, or he'll miss the plane.

84) No which way I try to sleep, my back gives me pain.

85) If I hadn't bought so many things, I'd have some money now.

86) Tests carried out on this substance should determine its origin.

87) You have seen Peter; he's dead!

88) It a long time to drive to Scotland from London.

89) At no time I suspect he was a thief.

90) The fierce snake, venom is extremely toxic, is found in Eastern Australia.

Ha contestado correctamente a preguntas de un total de 90

Elementary : hasta 40

Pre-intermediate : de 41 a 55

Intermediate - plus : de 56 a 70

First certificate : de 71 a 80

Advanced : de 81 a 90

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